Among the householders of today, Spray foam insulators are getting very popular, as the cost of energy is building up, due to the maximum use of electricity, gas, fuel oil or heater, boilers and furnaces etc. As these insulation’s are used as small pressurized cans, which can be bought from home centers and hardware stores, contractors are doing their own bit by filling the spaces that happen between joists, rafters, and studs by spraying insulation. These insulation’s expand on contact and are becoming a sure way of cutting the cost of cooling and heating.

There are many different types of spray foam insulators and most of the people get utterly confused on which one to use. Broadly they are  either open-cell foam or the closed-cell foam.  The open-cell foam is created of tiny interconnected bubbles which build the insulation value, particularly between R-3.5 and R-4 per inch. The open-cell foam is expanded to fill the gaps and cracks and produces a spongier feel and absorbs moisture. But when insulators get wet, they lose their R-value so they are generally used in areas where there is more dampness like crawl spaces and basements. They can also be used between studs or rafters, and are cheap as compared to closed-cell foam.
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On the other hand is the closed-cell foam that appears in a single form and contracts. Unlike the open cell foam these closed cell foams which are a blend of two chemical compounds are used for home insulation’s. These provide a higher rate of R-value and makes the best barrier for moisture to enter and provide great air sealing.
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So if you want to save your money on the cost you have to incur on energy, get the spray foam insulation done at the earliest. It will prove to be the best investment.