Insulation inside your basement crawl space increases the energy efficiency to prevent any loss of  the heat and cool air of the floor. Insulating the floors can also help preserve the air quality and reduction in the energy cost. Though Crawl spaces are of two types-ventilated and unventilated but each needs its own kind of insulation and the main purpose is to enclose the space between the thermal envelope.

Generally, crawl spaces are damp, inhabited with pests and get molds. They are well connected to the indoor air with many small air leaks in the floors, ducts, and partitions. Thus to make sure of their durability and air quality, it is very important to keep the crawl space dry and modulated to increase its capacity for controlling humidity, temperature and sealed to prevent pest. This procedure is especially adopted in the spaces that are meant to keep the mechanical equipment. Any sort of equipment should never be kept outside or installed out of the home in unconditioned space.
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It should be taken care that crawl space is insulated with non-water sensitive insulation that could prevent interior air from getting contacted with the cold basement surface. The most appropriate insulation that can be used are foam based insulators which could allow for the foundation wall to get dried from inwards. More the insulation is permeated, the inner portion will get easily dried and thereby reduce the  chances of moisture getting accumulated.

Fire rated foil based insulations are also required where the insulation materials are covered by a fire/ignition barrier. In such a situation more attention is given for resorting to the moisture management strategies.

Fiber glass insulation is also very popular and preferred in the market today. It is created from sand and recycled glass which is melted and then spun into insulation fibers. It is also inorganic and noncombustible. Besides it is a permanent solution, and you will never have to face the risk of its getting deteriorated over the years. It is easily and securely installed in the ventilated crawl spaces.

The best part of having the ventilated crawl spaces is that it makes the best choice as they remove the moisture and can be easily installed below the sub-floor between the floor  joists. They can also secure the insulation and provide coverage with a vapor barrier to prevent the floor inhabited with the moisture or mold.

Though crawl space insulation can be done by own but is better to hire a professional for the said task. If you are in Texas, the Crawl space insulation Texas professionals are always ready to help you with insulation process of your crawl spaces. They will clean and get rid of old insulation and perform highly standardized work and that to your satisfaction.