Air Barriers are the assemblage of the materials that obstructs the air leakage from the buildings and controls the moment of air in and out of the commercial and residential building enclosures. Air barrier system is basically a boundary between the indoor air and outdoor air. The system acts as a protective cover over the building and ensures there is no occurrence of any air leakage or any damage. The damage can be caused by the loss of energy, occurrence of molds which can reduce the life of the building.

The Spray Foam insulation gives seamless monolithic air barrier for developing irregular shapes and slows. They also provide coverage around windows, doors, pipes or fasteners. These barriers improve the durability of the building; increase its energy efficiency and ensures the healthy environment, safety and comfort. These spray foams also provide thermal insulation’s, and give monolithic, completely sealed moisture barrier. We can also use air barrier sheet goods. These sheet goods require more labor for installation purpose. Sheet goods do not have the insulation (R-Value) and are vulnerable to tears, and air leaks.

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We can also infuse the air barrier materials with properties which help them to act as vapor barriers. The best example of this is self-adhered modified bituminous membrane and sheet polyethylene which can act both as an air barrier and a vapor barrier.

Air barrier systems have to be especially

• Resistant to air
• Provide complete regular cover all over the building enclosure or on the enclosure of any particular area or unit.
• Obstruct the forces that might cause damage during or after construction
• Increase the durability of the building

The airflow has moisture in it that has a direct impact on its performance and durability. It also contributes towards safeguarding the houses in the case of fire, smoke or any other toxic gasses and thermal energy use.

Builders also need to ensure that sheet polyethylene inside the building assemblies are not used in mixed-humid, hot-dry, hot-humid climates. These building assemblies get dried in these weather conditions.

You have invested a lot on the buildings naturally it deserves the protection, which is given by these air barriers. If you are in Texas, you can rely on the air barriers Texas to meet air barrier needs for your building. They understand your building requirements than anybody else in the area that ensures quality control of the airflow.