If you intend to get insulation done on your walls, the first thing that needs consideration is the kind of wall the houses have in Texas. There are two types of insulation’s, solid and cavity wall insulation’s depending on the types of walls, Solid and Cavity Walls.

The concept of the Solid walls was there till 1930s in many parts of the UK. Solid walls mean that they are without cavity and are formed of end bricks, which appear as half-length bricks towards the middle of the walls. These are generally cross bricks, which run through the front towards the back of the wall. On the other hand, is the cavity wall type which contains inner leaf, outer leaf and a gap between these two leafs. There are ties also which are made of plastic or metal materials which can hold two walls together. The brick pattern on the wall displays full-length bricks.

Among the two wall types, Cavity walls lose more heat and are easy to insulate. And it is also true that in the houses having more external walls, there is more heat loss. As a result detached houses lose more heat than mid terraced houses.
Wall Insulation2
Finished walls require very clever approach for insulation as insulation process becomes difficult inside the walls especially in the cavities between the studs. Insulation is easily done when the studs are visible and no billboard or any other finished wall materials are installed.

The Wall insulation Texas is well experienced and equipped to analyze the structure of the houses in Texas and the type of insulation that is required. Cavities are thoroughly investigated from the exterior by taking out shingles or sidings. Holes are drilled on the spots where the installation is required. After the process is over, the holes are sealed and are airtight. The wall cavities also are filled with cellulose to prevent any air leaks that could result in the massive waste of the energy.Careful audit is done to calculate the improvements to control the energy and for providing the solutions for any kind of problems.

For the walls, we suggest Spray foam insulation. Spray foam fills and seals all the small spaces around pipes and wires and increases the comfort level of the house. Its attenuating properties can also block loud noises. The experience of the company and the quality services ensures you get the most comfortable house to live.